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About Us

Gateway Global Learning Network

Gateway Global Learning Networking - About Us

A US-based company, Gateway Global learning Network was founded by a group of DC-savvy professionals with decades of leadership experience in the global higher-education, organizational and industry sectors. Gateway offers DC experience programs including DC internships, professional development coursework and training, and shorter-term, customized group programs for students, professionals, and lifelong learners.
Gateway takes learners out of their everyday environments and connects them with organizations and individuals in their areas of interest, expanding their horizons, personal networks, and professional capabilities.

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Directly facilitated student internships
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Designed, directed and taught college/university academic internship programs
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Designed and coordinated special policy programs
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Organized and directed education and training programs for students and professionals in countries worldwide

Gateway Directors

Gateway Staff

Gateway Consultants and Specialists

Gateway Global Learning’s professionals have extensive experience in several areas including:

Global Reach – Marshal our global contacts in higher education, government, industry, and the nonprofit sectors on several continents to design and implement exemplary international-oriented immersion and experiential programs. To date, many of our programs focusing on international issues such as trade, democratization, human rights, climate change, disaster response, and international nonprofit management were delivered in Washington, DC, which remains a hub for international policy, diplomacy, and multi-lateral efforts aimed to address pressing international issues.

Comprehensive Program Service – Assist schools and organizations in all facets of coordination, program content and delivery. Depending on the needs of our clients, we draw on our experiences in front-end program needs including design and delivery of online content and instruction, preparatory workshops and orientations, and student/faculty goal setting. In addition to instructional delivery capabilities, we offer travel and lodging coordination, budgeting, and post-program follow-on services such as internship exploration and continued student professional networking.

Program Models

Semesters programs Icon - Gateway Professional Experience Programs in Washington DC

Quarter and Semester Programs

We bring more than two decades of experience in working with leading universities in developing, managing, and teaching in traditional Washington, D.C. programs.
Policy inmersions program Icon- Gateway Professional Experience Programs in Washington DC

Policy Immersion Programs

We have worked with faculty and staff to design and deliver innovative policy immersion programs, one or two-week sessions focused on a specific study area. Such sessions are often incorporated into a regular on-campus or online course offerings, or during summer sessions or intersession programs.

Wherever our immersion programs are situated, they will enhance course content and outcomes and provide great scheduling flexibility. For example, we have coordinated programs during spring break for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as planned summer programs.
Subject Experts icon

Subject Experts

Outreach to accomplished leaders and practitioners in program concentrations to arrange all aspects of interactive guest talks and workshops, and site visits to ‘hard-to-access’ organizations, government agencies and bureaus, and innovative industry leaders.   Our networks of professionals include senior staff as well as younger, rising professionals, and current and former government and elected officials, industry and nonprofit leaders, and research specialists at top think tanks and research institutes.
US Internshhip icon


Facilitate internship opportunities – direct, hybrid and virtual - by identifying and managing internship placements, building, and maintaining student/employer relationships, and monitoring student progress in collaboration with host organizations. Fall and spring semesters, summer sessions, spring breaks/service learning, etc. – we have worked all aspects of the D.C. internship experience for over 20 years.
Lifelong learners icon

Lifelong Learners

Conceive and coordinate inventive historical, topical, and cultural opportunities in Washington, DC and elsewhere for non-degree seeking participants. From military and national security topics to Washington’s political history and culture, we have the knowledge and experience to plan engaging programs of interest to all audiences.
Professional development icon

Professional Development

Direct intensive, relevant professional development through instruction and activities such as informational interviews, networking strategies and opportunities, individualized student planning and preparation, and regular office hours and availability for student consultations.  We also provide individualized coaching in helping participants forge their professional branding to include e-portfolios and social media presence.
Alumni icon

Alumni Relations

Program conception and planning with home campus faculty or program staff typically includes identification of and outreach to campus/program alumni who can offer valuable contributions to specific program content and activities. Alumni provide unique energy and creativity, and they also gain satisfaction in providing service to their alma mater.

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